The Mind Full Medic Podcast

Training the mind and healing the heart with Dr Jonathan Fisher MD.

March 11, 2023 Dr Cheryl Martin Season 4 Episode 3
The Mind Full Medic Podcast
Training the mind and healing the heart with Dr Jonathan Fisher MD.
Show Notes

      In S4 E50 I am delighted to welcome Dr Jonathan Fisher MD FACC to the podcast. I can't think of a more apt guest to celebrate half a century of episodes. Dr Fisher is a Harvard-trained clinical cardiologist, mindfulness meditation teacher, and organizational well-being and resiliency leader at Novant Health for a team of 38,000. He has delivered keynotes and workshops on heartful leadership, stress mastery, and total well-being for teams and organizations globally including IBM, Bank of America, IE Business School, The American College of Lifestyle Medicine, along with universities and healthcare organizations. In 2020 he co-founded the Ending Physician Burnout Global Community and organized the world’s first global summit dedicated to ending physician burnout, with over a thousand participants from 43 countries. His first book “Just One Heart” on the ancient art and modern science of mind heart connection is due out Fall 2023.   Dr. Jonathan Fisher’s personal mission is to help others train the mind and heal the heart.  This strong mission and purpose is palpable up close and Dr Fisher is truly a clinician and executive leader walking the talk.
       In this conversation we discuss his own unique story of medicine and life which has led him here to today, invested in the work of helping colleague and patients to improve their holistic wellbeing and assisting teams and organizations to reach for optimal performance. Many central podcast themes are revisited through our conversation.
      Jonathan describes his journey gaining over a decade of learning and practice of mindfulness meditation to his present truly practical application of ancient wisdom and modern science as a mindful leader and healer .  We discuss how we might seek to integrate the delivery of individual self-care, compassion and other performance tools with addressing broader systemic and cultural problems facing healthcare organizations. As a growing number of clinical physician executives combining front line clinical practice with executive leadership and management roles, I am curious to hear about his practical day to day work and the other skills and learning he has acquired and gained to date.
   Jonathan gives us a teaser for his upcoming, and now for me much anticipated, book "Just One Heart" due for release later in the year.  Finally this episode ends on a thoroughly grounding and simultaneously uplifting note as Dr Fisher treats me to his guided self-care reset ( Breathing, Embody, Smile, Thanks, Love, Intention, Flex, Envision). 
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