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Operating with Respect and Leading System and Culture Change in Healthcare with Dr Rhea Liang

December 13, 2022 Dr Cheryl Martin Season 3 Episode 11
The Mind Full Medic Podcast
Operating with Respect and Leading System and Culture Change in Healthcare with Dr Rhea Liang
Show Notes

           In S 3 E 11 I am delighted to welcome Associate Professor Rhea Liang to the podcast.  Rhea  is a general and breast surgeon, surgical educator, and diversity advocate. She is Surgical Discipline Lead and Clinical Sub-Dean at Bond University, and  notably she is the immediate past Chair of the RACS Operate With Respect education committee.
      A third of medical trainees report that they have experienced or witnessed workplace bullying or harassment, including racism in 2021 according to the AHPRA annual Medical Training Survey.  After a sentinel event in 2015 RACS  launched Building Respect.  In this conversation we delve into the nuts and bolts of what it actually takes in terms of planning,  investment, resources, expertise and supports to role out a strategy and system designed to change culture.
        Rhea gives wonderful insights from her international learning and experience across disciplines and industries designing and implementing change in complex  systems.  The conversation zooms in and out from big picture systems thinking to on the ground clinician experience, from the professional to the personal and from the logistics of process to the truly practical. Rhea explains the mechanics of having peer " cup of coffee" conversations to address disrespectful behaviours, the evidence-base behind this work and some real world examples. She breaks down her very practical 5 step tool for helping medical students and doctors in training to build skills to address micro-aggressions and micro-inequities in the moment.
     We discuss her own career journey experience, opportunities and challenges and her powerful drive, purpose and passion as a clinical champion and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion permeates this entire conversation. I left uplifted and very inspired by the thoughtful, intelligent and brilliant clinician.

"Do the best  you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better"
Maya Angelou

Reference / Links :
Dr Rhea Liang  Twitter  @LiangRhea.

Research in Diversity
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