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Wellness-Centred Leadership with Dr Daniel Murphy, MD.

September 04, 2022 Dr Cheryl Martin Season 3 Episode 9
The Mind Full Medic Podcast
Wellness-Centred Leadership with Dr Daniel Murphy, MD.
Show Notes

        In S3 E9 I am delighted to welcome Dr Daniel Murphy, MD to the podcast.  Dr Murphy is a Professor of Pediatrics(Cardiology),Emeritus . He is  the co-Director, Department Wellbeing Directors Council and the Course Director, Stanford WellMD Physician Well-being Director Course at Stanford University School of Medicine.   Our paths first crossed when I was a participant on the  Stanford Wellbeing Directors course in 2021.  After this virtual meeting I was delighted to be able to meet him in person this year at the CWO course and learn more about him and his leadership work at the  WellMD Center.
         Dan has been affiliated with the WellMD Center since its inception, working primarily with the Department WellBeing Directors.  He is a member of the Clinician Wellness Working Group of the American College of Cardiology.  He also remains involved in clinical quality and process improvement at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital.
     In this conversation we discuss in more detail the Stanford conceptual model of professional fulfilment, exploring each of the domains ( The Individual, Culture of Wellness and Efficiency of Practice) with a leadership and Wellbeing 2.0 lens.
    Dan tells me about his own experiences  of cultivating a mindfulness and self-compassion practice.  We explore team culture from a leadership perspective, how to build coalitions in healthcare  and the role and value of connections made through commensality groups. 
        With extensive expertise and valuable perspective in a number of clinical and non-clinical leadership roles Dan shares practical wisdom, marrying both art and science, on what wellness-centred leadership looks like at its best.  In their recent paper on this topic ( linked below) the WellMD team, emphasise three key prerequisites :
1.Care about People Always
2.Cultivate Individual and Team Relationships
3.Inspire Change

   It is will be very evident to listeners that this is Dan's approach.  I throughly enjoyed our conversation and know I will re-visit it several times gaining a new pearl, depth and perspective each time. Enjoy.

Links/ References:
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 The Registrar Dr Neela Janakiramanan
Australasian Doctor's Health Conference 2022

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