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Blazing trails and cultivating connection to community and land with Lincoln Quilliam

March 27, 2022 Season 3 Episode 3
The Mind Full Medic Podcast
Blazing trails and cultivating connection to community and land with Lincoln Quilliam
Show Notes

         In S3 E 3 I am delighted to welcome Lincoln Quilliam to the podcast.  Lincoln is a Civil Engineer and Project Manager with a passion for adventure, travel and innovation.  He is the Founder and Race director of the Kunanyi Mountain Run, Run director at the Kunanyi Trail Series, Owner of Trail Ventures and Vice President at the Tasmanian Trail Running Association.  He is a recipient of a Winston Churchill Fellowship Tasmania and a previous graduate of the Tasmanian Leaders I- Lead programme.

      In this conversation we discuss his leadership journey and various roles in the Tasmanian trail running community.    Lincoln speaks about his upcoming inaugural event the Kunanyi Mountain Run in Hobart. He tells us about the journey of KMR from its inception to the present date and I am interested to how and why he has succeeded where others have stumbled.  He reflects on his professional skill set and training and experience to date, which have assisted in bringing a team of local stakeholders and dedicated volunteers, including, fellow running enthusiasts, together to make this event happen.
          In particular I am also keen to explore his passion and deep respect for his birth city and local land and the various ways he has helped to cultivate community and connection to the trails.
      Lincoln has been awarded a Churchill Fellowship and will finally venture overseas in the second half of 2022,  after pandemic-related travel setbacks, to study the global trail running scene in more depth. He hopes to return with new insights to help progress his vision for his local trail community in Tasmania.
     I throughly enjoyed this conversation and an opportunity to speak about my beloved trail running.  Lincoln could easily lead a public health campaign promoting the physical, mental and social benefits of getting out walking and running in natural settings with a group of fellow humans. There are many pearls and we revisit themes of purpose, leadership, and the importance of connection to people and place. Enjoy!
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