The Mind Full Medic Podcast

Lessons in Leadership and Coaching Conversations with Dr Sarah Dalton.

March 07, 2022 Dr Cheryl Martin Season 3 Episode 2
The Mind Full Medic Podcast
Lessons in Leadership and Coaching Conversations with Dr Sarah Dalton.
Show Notes

         In S3E2 I am delighted to welcome Dr Sarah Dalton,  B. Med MMgt (Hlth) FRACP GAICD, to the podcast. Dr Dalton is the Director of Clinical Engagement at eHealth NSW,  a Paediatric Emergency Physician and a professional Coach offering services to health executives and clinical leaders through Capstan Partners in Sydney.
        In this wonderful conversation we explore Sarah's clinical and non-clinical roles and career trajectory punctuated in her words with happenstance, curiosity and a determination to make things happen.  Sarah has a long-standing interest in leadership development with a wealth of experience in systems leadership roles and we explore her leadership journey to date in the first part of the episode.  She suggests that the most valuable lessons are to be learned on the job and also credits the opportunity to receive  executive coaching herself early in her leadership career. We discuss definitions and styles of leadership, change management, imposter syndrome, embracing vulnerability and the incorporation of leadership skills, training and development into clinical training.
      In the second part of the episode we explore her coaching journey  from coachee to coach. I am interested in her perspective as both physician and coach.  We discuss coaching for "positions and transitions" in medical careers, motivation, indentity and much more.  Sarah discusses the The ABC framework ( Autonomy, Belonging and Contribution) of our core work needs in healthcare and the role of coaching can play to improve our wellbeing.     Sarah tells about recent research work in collaboration with the Black Dog Institute on the value of short 30 minute coaching sessions for doctors.  This conversation could easily translate to an entire podcast "Coaching Conversations with Dr Dalton", you read it here first. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation  with Sarah and look forward to many more in the future. Enjoy.

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